Current Business Logos

We have all known the significance of corroborating numbers and numerology with any major milestone in life. Like any other sphere of life, success in one’s work culture and business prospects is largely attributed to names and their corresponding numerical vibrations. Every one strives to choose business names that bring in good luck. At Divine Intuition, we assist customers in devising the most favorable names that would enhance their businesses and fetch them financial bliss. We also help businesses in calculating their “expression numbers” before suggesting options for the most suitable names. A business name may be reflective of immense potential and astral energy that can translate into either good or bad vibes based on their relationship with their existing expression numbers.
Divine Intuition can uplift deteriorating businesses through the efficient employment of mathematical calculations and favorable numerical values. We focus at determining the core of a particular business and the reason for its existence. Based on this information, we create business names that demonstrate the sole purpose and the message conveyed via a client’s business. Life path numbers and birth dates are also equally important in analyzing options when selecting a business name. The numbers 33 and 51 are considered to be lucrative and occupy a special place in the world of successful businesses.
Designing Your Perfect Logo & Compatible Name with Vedic Numerology. In business, first impressions count, and the first thing people see is the logo. Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Volkswagen, all are instantly recognizable by their logos. A great logo can stick in the mind, and bring attention to a business every time it is seen. You may not know this, but your Vedic numerologist can help you design the perfect logo for you and your business based on the positive vibrations of your birth and name numbers, and those of your business.
You will notice that many famous logos use the primary colors red, blue and yellow. This is no accident – these colors are positive and attract the eye. The numbers they represent in numerology are all strong, positive numbers too. 1 is leadership, authority and excitement. The brand that includes this color is a leader in its field.
Yellow is the number 3, youthful, optimistic and energizing. The brand with yellow as a predominant color appeals to a lively youth market. Blue is the number 5, which is calming, steady and mature, according to the shade. Blue is a predominant color in logos for banks and services.
The Astro-Numerologist Ritesh Kumar arrives at the right choice of color for your logo by extracting the birth number and the name number of yourself, the creator of the business. You can, if you prefer, use the date and name of your business. The principle is the same in both cases. The day your business was born is its birthday, but you will have to pinpoint the most important time and that could be when it was first thought of, or when it was registered. It is much easier to use your own birth date, and your own name, if the business doesn’t have one yet.
The birth number is achieved by adding together all the numbers of your birth date. So if you were born on September 3 1986, the sum of those numbers would be 9+3+1+9+8+6 or 36. This would then be rounded down by adding 3+6 to get 9. This birth number indicates you would excel in a business that ran on sound principles of ethics and environmental consciousness. It is a very auspicious number, as its color is gold and you would do well to include gold as the color, or one of the colors, of your logo.
To arrive at the name number is more complicated. Let’s say the name you use in business is your birth name, Johanna Smith. This gives you a name number of 3, which shows you will achieve success through artistry and creativity. The color for 3 is yellow, so your logo could be a representation of the shining sun in gold and yellow. The name of your business might also draw on these connotations, such as Sunny Gold or SunGold.
Name numbers are complicated in Vedic numerology because the letters of the alphabet should be written down in columns of 1-9. Therefore the first column would be A-J, followed by K-T and finally U-Z (5 letters, making 26). Then the numbers should be written next to the letters, starting 1-9 for A-J, continuing from 1-9 for K-T and finally 1-5 for U-Z. Each letter will correspond with a number. Spell out the name from the alphabet and add the numbers together and round down if necessary to get one whole number.
With the name number, you can affect change if the results look wrong to you or are not beneficial. For example, a fitness business would want something active and go-getting, with strong connotations of challenge and leadership, like a 1. But if your name or business name results in a 2, this number might be too soft and easy going to launch a successful fitness business. It would be better for a baby wear business. But change just one letter in your business name and it can make a huge difference. Look at giving the name more excitement and punch by changing it to give a result of 1, or make it strong and focused by changing it to a result of 4. The birth number cannot changed and you have to work with it, but the name number can be manipulated to give a more favorable result. The Astro-Numerologist Ritesh Kumar is well aware of these subtle differences of name changes and can guide you in the right direction if you are not getting the result you need.
Your birth and name numbers can help you decide on other factors beside the colors and the spelling of your business name. The numbers have many connotations, such as the font you choose. 1 will suggest a strong standout font that is very clear and has a touch of drama, like Impact. 2 will suggest a sweet, pretty font, like French Script, while 3 will be something bright and cheerful, like Bradley Hand. 4 should have a businesslike font like Helvetica, and 5 would be elegant and recognizable, like Georgia. For 6, a good font would be simple and frugal, like Verdana, and 7 opens up many specialist fonts like Uncial. 8 would work well with a hard working, slightly eroded font like FrankRuehl, while 9 can be anything you like – it really is that good a number.
Using Vedic numerology to create a logo may sound like a strange way to go about it, but you will find that the result will be unique to you and your business.